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We believe that tools have been invented to improve life. The same applies to the audio solutions we have on offer.

We also believe that the equipment used must serve an idea or a concept - and never replace them.

We also know, because we have some experience, that, in order for this idea or concept to become successful, it is necessary to free you from technical constraints in order to enable you to focus on the core of the project: its content.

You are the key contact, we are your dedicated counterpart.



We will thus be able to analyze together your real needs, define the issues and technical problems you will be faced with, in order to find the most efficient solution, depending on the realities of your requirements.

If necessary, our research department can carry out an engineering study in order to find the turnkey solution which is unique and meets your needs.

Whether it is a question of developing a powerful communication strategy or of implementing a dynamic scenography, our team will know how to stand by you at every step – from the first telephone contact to the final installation.

We will also make available our network of partners selected depending on their competences (graphic design, sound illustration, video, special effects, installations…) in order to provide you with a complete offer which is coherent both audiovisually and in terms of new technologies.

The combination of these competencies – yours and ours – will make this project successful.

Our know-how and our references enable us to be active in areas such as operational marketing, events or museography, but also digital signage, distribution, transport and public spaces…

Service offers are available both for product sales and rentals.

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