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FLATPHONE® – a controled directional audio broadcasting


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FLATPHONE® is an ultra directional audio solution composed by ultra thin speakers.

Its technical caracteristics offer a new effective way to broadcast clearly a message or an audio content into a specific area, even at a long range of more than 10 meters.

Like a real audio beam, using FLATPHONE® prevents classic acoustic difficulties such as audio pollution you can create when you try to play several different sources in the same area.

Having directional audio creates a very positive atmosphere compared to classic loud speakers that can offend listeners.

Depending on the way it is installed (vertically or horizontally), in order to control your audio broadcasting, FLATPHONE® enables you to create very versatile audio areas - a single listerner area's or a real audio tunnel for several people on a very long range.

Flatphones are very easy to install or integrate into any scenographic design. These speakers can be customized at leisure.
They can be used as print holder for advertising (logo, ads...) and can combine visual and audio communication in the same media.

This audio solution gives a real proof of its efficiency in various location from very noisy spaces (stores, exhibitions, trains or events) to very quiet areas (waiting rooms, museums, agencies...).
Every time, the listener's senses are strongly stimulated and the impact of the communication is complete.
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FLATPHONE® exists in several models or sizes and is also available for rent.

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